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multiple exposure photography

I was working as an assistant photographer with a Canadian friend of mine, Monique Napier, when I produced this image. First thing in the morning I was supposed to take some portraits of the groom. I had a good experience with portraits but it was the first time in the context of a wedding and I wanted to do my best. Well, things did not go as I expected…

It took me a long time to find the villa as the address given was wrong, I kept on driving around completely lost until I had to call the groom in order to get directions and find the place where he was staying. With his help I eventually found the place. Once there, I focused on my task and suddenly had an idea. I photographed the groom several times, positioning him around different places within the same frame. Sometime later when I presented it to some friends I could see their excitement with the end result. At that moment I realized, this is what I want to achieve with my clients, I want them to enjoy and have fun with their photos! 🙂

Now I use this kind of composing as one of my signatures…

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