Marina and Gary – Monte da Quinta Resort

Highlights of the Wedding Day
Monte da Quinta Resort
Quinta do Lago

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When I first met Marina at Monte da Quinta, a few months ​prior to​​ the wedding day, I ​could not help but get​ excited about her wedding ​as I could see I was before a very relaxed and beautiful bride​ knowing exactly what she wanted,​ ​on the plus side​ having a new ​exciting venue to photograph. When I have a new venue I feel like a kid ​that has been given​ candy​ to.​ 🙂 I need these​ challenges. ​I love​ scout​​ing​ the area, in order to find out new spots, new ideas… Back to Marina and Gary´s ​special day​, the day unfolded in a very relaxed way. I enjoyed every minute of it​, specially our short photo session at the beach. It ​felt good​ to ​see​ how happy they were with ​each other and how ​their careful planning of the day ​made such a difference.

Wedding Venue: Monte da Quinta Resort/Quinta do Lago
Photographer: Ana Abrão
Band: Diesel
Wedding coordenator: Cila Uva

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